Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This is very exciting and there is so much to tell you. What’s on the agenda? Well, it will change all the time, but you can always count on learning something new.

Included will be information we hope will interest you about both Myra L. Katz & Associates and Aging-In-Place Home Solutions. You will find out what we’re working on currently as well as special points of interest about past projects…photos too.
When new products are introduced at NEOCON (the World’s Trade Fair in Chicago and largest market for the commercial interior design industry), you’ll find the Best of NEOCON in our Blog.

Do state-of-the-art technology introductions in furniture, lighting, floor, wall, window treatments, etc. peak your interest? We’ll keep you on the cutting edge. That goes for our aging-in-place and baby boomer followers too, and includes health and safety updates that affect all of our lives.

If you have a family member with Alzheimer’s Disease, there will be regular updates and tips on how to keep them safe and independent for as long as possible. Hopefully that will make your life easier too. Features will be written by our staff in addition to providing noteworthy articles and links to other sources.

We’ll always include tips for our commercial readers, as well as those that may apply to you on a personal level. If there is a new hot spot in town (or out of town) that screams “good design”, we’ll give you the scoop. Of course, we welcome questions about products, trends and design advice. We look forward to hearing from our followers.