Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Help Offered for Tornado Victims Extended to Joplin Area

Due to the slow process of cleaning up and rebuilding, Myra L. Katz & Associates, Inc. is extending its offer to businesses damaged or destroyed by the St. Louis and Joplin tornadoes and are challenging other businesses to follow suit. 

We are providing you with an opportunity to put your best foot forward while rebuilding.  A $500 credit will be applied towards the cost of interior design services, helping to jump start your business.  Let us assist you with the selection of interior finishes, furniture, upholstery and artwork.  We realize that this will not make-up for the devastation and losses you've suffered, but we would like to help you make the best of a bad situation.  It could finally be your opportunity to tie your business interior to your brand.  Whether corporate, financial, healthcare, senior living, hospitality or retail, we have the experience and capabilities to create an interior that will improve your bottom line. 

If this offer pertains to someone you know who will benefit from our services, please pass this information along.

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