Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How Entrepreneurs Can Get The Most Out Of A Co-Working Space

By Deborah Sweeney, MYCORPORATION, August 4, 2011

Watch this space- it could become your next coworking commune. And it’s being built exactly with that purpose in mind.

A couple months ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece on creating the perfect office. The perfect office was less focused on perfection and more on how to open up a space to inspire an imaginative environment that increased productivity at the workplace. Four design firms were challenged to create this kind of environment, preferably for the midlevel executive. Sort of like the Project Runway for the corporate world. True to form, the designers made it work- finding that certain elements of the office were kicked to the curb (filing cabinets, plaques on walls, gigantic desks) and others were reintroduced and heavily used to create a modern and engaging atmosphere (glass walls that slide open and shut, wireless technology capabilities, virtual fishbowls).

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